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Haunted House Table Hints


OK, gamers. Here's how to get the best of those ghastly ghouls, tip over lots of tombstones and increase your chance of beating the blaze. Timing is everything.

Get a jump on the letter G by busting out the first window you hear on your scanner as it moves clockwise around the table. Usually, you will also get the letter when you break the window. Try to hit the letters R, A and V right as they are being spoken. Hit the letter E after it is spoken to get to enter the graveyard and start knocking down tombstones. If you break out the first window you hear on the right, it will usually knock out a second window on that side and that means more points.

Now for those tombstones. You can hit the first tombstone after you hear the scan beep about ten times. Tap your Shift key quickly about six or seven times and it will go down. When you hear that beastly animal sound, repeat the process to claim your second tombstone. The others occur at pretty regular intervals so it's not too hard to figure out once you get your timing down. The longest distance between two tombstones seems to be between the third and fourth.

<p<>Now about the fire. You probably already know that once the fire starts, if you don't already have the letter A you're going to have to bust out all the windows for any chance of putting out the flames. Keep in mind that if you enter the laboratory when you are attempting to break out the windows, when you leave the lab you will often find yourself in the fire.

The first window on the right often causes you to enter the lab so try to leave that window until last. Of course you can always go into the lab in hopes of getting some points before you find yourself in the fiery furnace so it's a gamble.

Well, I guess that's it. See you in the graveyard

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