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Bonus Level Hints


This bonus level is quite a bit different than the other levels. Here, you are chasing monkies who have stolen jet skis. In order to catch them, you need to come up onto them and shoot their boat. This bonus level is timed--the more monkeys you're able to catch, the higher your bonus score. The average number of caught monkeys is between four and six after a bit of practice. See how well you can do.

To maneuver your boat, you use the left and right arrow keys to steer, the up and down arrow keys to increase and decrease the throttle, and the SPACEBAR to fire your machine gun. You can come to an abrupt stop by pressing the RIGHT CONTROL key and the down arrow together.

Once you get a monkey centered, shoot at it to blow up its jet ski and retrieve the monkey. Be careful how closely you follow, though. If you hear a warning tone, reduce your throttle so you don't crash into the jet ski. If you do, your boat will be damaged and a repair time penalty will occur.

Aside from the monkeys, there are three other obstacles you need to avoid: buoys, tugboats, and grenades.

The buoys and tugboats appear randomly and cause damage to your boat if you collide with them. The tugboats move more slowly in reference to you since they are moving forward, which makes them a bit hard to run into, but they inflict more damage to your boat if you hit them. Since the buoys are stationary, they are much easier to hit if you've got the 'pedal to the metal'.

The grenades are thrown by the monkeys randomly while you are in firing range of their jet ski. If you have a monkey centered and hear a splash, you'd better get out of the way quickly or else it's lights out for the level.

There are a couple of status sounds you'll hear during this level. A double-beep indicates when your throttle speed has matched the monkeys. It's at this point that the jet ski will move back toward you. This is a good reference point to keep in mind. It works whether the monkey is in front of you or behind you.

A constant bleeping sound as you approach the monkey indicates that you're coming up on it and soon within range to fire on it if you center it within the stereo field.

When the monkey starts screeching, you're in firing range. The closer you are to the monkey, the better chance you have of your gun taking out his water ski.

The warning tone indicates your are in danger of colliding with the jet ski if it's in front of you.

If you pass a monkey, it's jet ski sound will be muffled to indicate it's behind you. You can slow down until it catches back up with you, or you can throttle forward above it's throttle speed and a new monkey will appear from ahead of you.

At the end of the bonus round, a scoring sequence will appear and tell you your score.

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