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Why are you still reading this, we told you to go away! you want the cheat codes. Well, bear in mind that these can seriously take away from the enjoyment of playing the game. We recommend that you do not read about these until you've completed the game at least once without them. They are meant primarily as an aid if you are hopelessly stuck, or for players who are going through the game on a return visit.

  • Warp -- [Left Ctrl+Right Shift+Grave Accent] -- You can warp (instantly jump) to the end of any level with this key combination. It is important to note that some penalties and/or unforeseen consequences may result from the use of this key in the context of the game session you are currently playing. The Grave Accent key is usually found to the left of the '1' key on the top row of most keyboards.
  • Stick to Professor -- [Left Ctrl+P] -- Stick to the professor as he moves around the lab level. Wherever he goes, you go. This key combination works as a toggle and is available in version 1.7 or later of Monkey Business only.
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