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Surf'n'Turf Level Walkthrough


You start on top of a plateau to which a creaking wooden bridge is attached, that's connected to another plateau. You must cross the bridge while avoiding the creaking sections so as not to fall through into the water below and drown.


Step 1 -- First plateau and crossing the bridge


When you start the level you are facing north and at coordinates, 6-66. A quick and easy way, not to mention a safe way, to cross the bridge is to take two side-steps to your left with Left Shift+Left Arrow. This should place you on coordinates 4-66, still facing north. At this point you are able to literally run across the bridge without fear of a cave in.


Step 2 -- Second plateau


When you have taken three steps off the bridge, turn to the direction, East-northeast. Either utilize the control right arrow to face east, and then use the left arrow once by itself to face the desired direction. Or, employ the Right Arrow key three times to face east-northeast.

You will now be facing the set of metal stairs you need to use to get down to the beach.


Step 3 -- The beach


Once you've made it down off the metal steps, turn east to walk straight out on to the beach.

Note: the beach is a large rectangle. With the north and south ends as the shorter ends. So you have a much longer walk when walking north or south along the beach. Just as it is when you're walking along any shoreline.

The first thing you will notice when you walk on to the beach is, that your object scanner is telling you that there are plenty of coins scattered everywhere for the taking! But, I'm afraid you can't pick any of them up. At least not yet. You'll first need to be in possession of the metal detector that will help you find the coins that are hidden beneath the sand. So until you find the medal detector, its best to turn off your object locater before it drives you completely mad! *SMILE*

There are Monkeys to catch here now, but beware of the sand crabs, that if allowed to bite you, your health will be reduced. You need to catch the crab in your net before it can pinch or bite you. So when you hear a crab scuttling quickly toward you, turn and center the sound of the crab in the direction you hear him coming from, and begin rapidly swinging your net!

Also, avoid the trashcans that have bees buzzing around them. Trashcans can always be found on either side of the stairs, and in each corner of the sand bar area.

On this level there are five monkeys to catch. Four are roaming around on the beach, and the fifth is on the ship docked just off shore to the east. The ship board monkey will begin shooting cannon balls at you if you get too close to the ocean on the east side. Unfortunately, that's where a lot of the monkeys gather, and it's tempting just to walk right over and start catching monkeys like picking flowers... LOL! But they do move out on to the rest of the area, and then you're able to catch them without too much difficulty or danger.


Step 4 -- Finding the metal detector


If you want to find the metal detector when you first get on the beach, so you can be picking coins up as you go along. This is what I do.

I turn east when I walk on to the beach, and take a few steps in that direction. This gets me past the stairs and the bee hived trashcans.

Next I turn south listening for crabs all the whileÖ SMILE and begin walking till I reach, coordinate X-63 or X-64. Turn west now, and I look ahead and I see the metal detector from where I am standing. My coordinates usually come out to be, 27-63, or there a bouts.

This is the best time to turn on the object locator, so it can help you find the metal detector, and help you delineate coin from detector. Its best to perform a coin scan while trying to pick up the metal detector so you know which is a coin and which is the detector.

Walk toward the detector until you pick it up. You may have to walk back and forth a few times.

To do a coin scan, your object locater has to be turned on first. Second, a coin must be near to you, and you can hear it's beeping.

Repeatedly press the letter C key to pin point the location of a coin. You will hear a higher pitched beeping of a much shorter duration. Turn yourself in that direction and walk over the coin to pick it up. Note: the look functions aren't a huge help while locating coins. At least, I never found it so.

To find the metal detector from anywhere on the beach do the following:

  • Walk south until the wall stops you.
  • Turn 180 degrees and take about five steps north. Your coordinates should be X-64.
  • Face west and follow the steps above.


Step 5 -- The dock and the ship


The stairs leading up to the dock, are directly opposite from where the metal detector lies. Its coordinates are, 55-64. There are two seagulls on the dock on either side of the stairs, so you can always use that as an audible landmark from wherever you are on the beach.

After crossing the dock, you'll step on to the ship at coordinates, 83-64. Be aware that a good audible clue for you is that the sound of your footsteps will change from the sound of the dock plank, to the larger plank of the ship.

After you have caught all the monkeys on the beach, you need to catch the monkey that's still on the ship. This you must do before you can go through the mast ropes and get to the tellaporter.

To catch the monkey, I'll either wait at the entrance to the ship, or just outside on the dock. But in any event, I wait for that last monkey to come off the ship, or, at least to where I can safely net him. It sometimes takes a while for him to make an appearance, but he always comes into range of your net.

The dock is about six paces wide, so don't feel as if you're going to walk off into the ocean if you're chasing a monkey on it. You generally want to stay in an east / west direction while chasing, but you have some leeway.


Step 6 -- A Voyage Through the Mast Ropes


After you've captured the last monkey, you can go back and pick up all sixty-six coins. But when you come back on to the dock, make sure you're on coordinate X-64 and walk eastward on to the ship until you're stopped by the back wall.

Now take one side step to your left to 98-63. At this point you need to time the swinging of the mast ropes.

To time the swinging, I first turn south to better hear the sound of each rope. Now, with your back to the ropes, the one on your left is the closer, and the louder one. This is the one you'll want to be listening to to time it.

The mast rope behind you and to your right seems to be slightly farther and more muffled in sound.

The other thing you want to listen for is the creaking of the ropes on the mast. Between the swinging of the first rope, which, is the rope behind and to the left, you will hear a prolonged creek. This is when you would want to make your run. More on that later.

Then the rope behind and to the right, the more muffled rope will swing. Between the swing of that rope and the first one, you'll hear two distinctive creaks.

This is extremely important in timing the ropes for when to make your run! Learning which rope is about to swing and when, will take time, but thankfully the ropes and the creaking are consistent, so it makes it easier.

When you've timed out the swings of the ropes, and you feel comfortable you know when the left or closest rope has swung, Then you can make your move.

You first need to face east again, and listen a while to be sure you've got the timing right. Then, when the closer rope swings, you make your run by side stepping to your left as fast as possible! Sidestepping is holding down the left shift key and repeatedly hitting the left arrow.

So that's it, listen for the closest / left rope, and immediately after it swings! Run like hell!

You run until you come up against a wall. Then face west, and take a few steps forward while trying to side step right. Each step forward, you should be abel to side step right. Soon, you'll be in front of the tellaporter. If your object locater is turned on, you should already be hearing it's beeping. Press the X key to better locate the tellaporter and to orientate you to its position.


Wrap Up


To be sure, it certainly isn't an easy level! *SMILE* But I can almost do it now without fail. Every once and a while I get whacked by the rope, but only when I'm not fast enough.

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