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Add Your Name to Ten Pin Alley


Note: This is technically a hack, and we provide it here for your information. We do not offer technical support to get the process described in this article working on your system.

If you are not one of the lucky people who had their names spoken by Bo Linball, you can manually add your own name to the list by following these steps.

  • Record your name, preferably in a male voice and create a wave file. It should be done in mono and in the 16 bit 22.05 KHZ format. You must name the first file "fn117.wav" The "FN" stands for "First Name". You can add 84 names from 117 to 200. If you use a lower number than 117, the name will be deleted by the names that come with the game.
  • Add your wave file to the "names" folder inside the "sounds" folder in the "Ten Pin Alley" directory. If you have put the game in the default location, the full path should be, "c:\program files\Draconis Entertainment\Ten Pin Alley\sounds\names"
  • Then you need to add number 117 to the "names.dat" file which is in the "sounds" folder. "names.dat" is a text file and can be opened and saved with a word processor such as Notepad.

Now it should appear in the game's first names list.

Or you could ask Bo to record your name but I think he is busy doing the voice overs for the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. I can hear him now saying, "Coming up on your left is Alpha Centuri."

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