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Pacman Table Hints


This table is really pretty easy. Picture the table as a square. In each corner, there is a power pellet that makes the ghosts come out of their home. Their home is in the middle of the table. Do not let your ball enter the ghost home, or you lose it. There are dots scattered all over the table that your ball has to run over to eat. When the ghosts are out, you hit them with your ball to rack up the points.

There is a bumper above and one below the ghost home that you can use to bounce into a corner to get a power pellet so that the ghosts come out again and you can rack up more points. The flippers are at the top and bottom center of the table. If the ball sticks to one of them, you hear scanning begin from the left and travel to the right. Use the learn sounds option in the main menu to learn the sounds for each table. Listen to the scan and shoot the ball when you hear what you want to hit. You have to be quick. Itís all a matter of timing.

The easiest thing to hit is the piece of fruit that occasionally pops up in the center of the table. You can shoot the ball on either of 3 munching sounds for success. You can hit either shift key right on the beeps that identify ghosts to get them. They are in the middle third of the table. There is one on the left, one on the right, and 2 in the very center.

There is a better way, though. As the scan is heard, to get the one on the left, shoot the ball on the sixth beep from the left. For the 2 in the center, shoot the ball on the seventh, and to get the one on the right, shoot the ball on the eighth beep. To get the power pellets in the corners of the table, shoot the ball on the very left or right edges. A good trick is to wait until you hear the power pellet beep or beeps on the right edge and hit the ball right after they are heard. The scanning immediately begins again from the left and you will probably get one of the pellets.

If the ghosts are not out, whatever you do, donít shoot the ball any time during the scanning of the ghost home, or you will lose it.

Now that you know my tricks, get those bonus balls by scoring enough points, and beat my best score!! Iíve scored over 50,000,000!

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